Table & Apron

Table & Apron




CLIENT: Table & Apron / Universal Bakehouse

CAMPAIGN: 8th Anniversary


‍What did we do for them?

Table & Apron was looking to invoke appreciation towards their shared aspirations (with Universal Bakehouse) through their culture, people, and values. We were consulted to figure out how they could effectively communicate that as their brand message and we worked together in conceptualising a video to express exactly that.

Inspired by how community-driven both brands were, we wanted to reflect their story through a wholesome narrative. Our concept used a communal table to represent the company as a whole whilst showcasing different food elements like cutleries and dishes to signify the various roles and people that come together to bring their own purpose and flavour to the table. We also featured the many key faces and interviews behind Table & Apron and Universal Bakehouse.