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CLIENT: PriceShop Malaysia



‍What did we do for them?

Priceshop wanted to create an impactful launch in Malaysia that would set them apart from existing vendors. We were tasked to create 3 short form ads that would be boosted on social media platforms to pique the interest of the mass audience.

Leveraging on KOL exposure and comedic storytelling, we sought to create storyboards that were unconventional to the local advertising scene. With exaggerated scenarios like opening up multiple tabs until the exceeds the laptop screen to taking a jab on selling a kidney to afford a brand new TV, these scenarios at its core linked to the struggles consumers would experience on the daily and Priceshop was positioned as the solution.

Video 1: “New Tab” (English)

Video 1: “New Tab” (Chinese)

Video 1: “New Tab” (BM)

Video 2: “Kidney” (English)

Video 2: “Kidney” (Chinese)

Video 2: “Kidney” (BM)

Video 3: “Dodgy” (English)

Video 3: “Dodgy” (Chinese)

Video 3: “Dodgy” (BM)