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Korea Tourism Organization





CLIENT: Korea Tourism Organization

CAMPAIGN: Visit Jeonju


‍What did we do for them?

A hidden gem in the western part of South Korea, Jeonju is a culturally rich destination that feels like a scene from a Korean drama.

The Korean Tourism Organisation reached out to us to see if we had any ideas to showcase the beauty of Jeonju to audiences. The goal was to introduce this beautiful place with iconic locations to holiday-goers on their next trip to South Korea.

The centerpiece of this campaign was a 3-episode webseries set in Jeonju, featuring renown Malaysian actress; Koe Yeet. Alongside the webseries, we put together a slew of content and postings that engaged with audiences even before they saw the final product.

This included behind-the-scenes videos and footage, suggestions and highlights of Jeonju, getting them to decide what we should do in the webseries, to naming the entire webseries. This continued even to when audiences visited Jeonju and shared their experiences on their socials.


Episode 1 - Out One Heartbreak, Into Another

Episode 2 - Maybe, It Might Be You

Episode 3 - That Spring, My Heart Beats

Behind The Scenes Vlog